Why EZ2ID?

For some time now, large organizations have been adopting smartphones to keep in contact with their staff and often as a working support device. With the recent shift in remote work in differents sectors it seems these supports tools needs more and more to be intregated with others entrepise bussiness support sytems in terms of communicatons. Indeed as critical component, systems that support communication are essential and so organizations have been migrated or currently migrating to Office 365 including Exchange Online. Exchange Online provides contacts and others services to the employees of a company. The contacts services provides obviously will allow an employee to get contacts details such as email address, postal adddress, and phone numbers.

Having contacts details are useful when using a mobile device. And obviously if one need to get contacts details from a co-worker, a business partner, a company client or other entity that already existis in the context of an Office 365 account shouldn’t be necessary to manually search the so called “Global Adress List” (GAL) against Exchange Online and then manually register the contact on the mobile device. But for most companies staff this is a current practice: manually search and save a contact on their mobile phone contact list in order to have the contacts details available when needed.

This leads to the problem that even if a company provides staff smartphones, they may not have all the contacts details from, co-workers, bussiness partner and other entities. Obviously it’s inefficient if one have to search for hundreds or even thousands of phone numbers and creating contacts in the address book for each contact manually.

So, answering why Ez2ID question would be: Automatically get and efficiently manage contact details from your an Office 365 account and be able to use these contacts seamlessly with other smartphone apps, namelly with phone app.

EZ2ID in a nutshell

EZ2ID is an iOS Application designed and implemented by DevGo.

The main goal it is provide integrations features with Microsoft Office 365 from an Apple device phone. We want to allow companies employees to extends contact list funcionalitities in terms of Call identification and Contact Details Managment. All this being away from the compnay but with access some usefull funciontalities you have in Office 365.

Since larger company get attractive prices for mobile phone contracts, most companies provide their eligible employees with an iPhone. With the possibility to integrate Apps with iOS mobile phone application EZ2ID will enhance the features of the native application but also provide additional features. Locally, the integration with the mobile phone app it is implemented with the CallKit API and all the information needed being provided with an asynchronous process responsable to securelly integrate with Office 365 or any other supported Entreprise communication component.

The installation and configuration process will first require to sucessfully pass an authencation process to establish the secure path between the app and the Service provider. After being installed user will use the contact details gather from the Service provider to identity calls. But there is more. As the secure path will allow the management of contacts locally and the syncronization with the service provider.