MAM (Intune) Configuration


Section nameSection description
APPLOCKThis section is responsible for handling parameters related to the security of the app, more precisely adding a passcode/pin to ensure that the data on the app is secure.
LICENSEThis section is responsible for handling parameters related to the licensing of the application.
COMFORTThis section is responsible for handling parameters related to the comfort of the user in the app such as filters.


Parameter NamePossible valuesDescription
– false
When true, this parameter will make the application hide all contacts on the lists that don’t have any type of contact (mobile, home or business) assigned to it.
– 1 (one minute)
– 5(five minutes)
– 15 (fifteen minutes)
– 30 (thirty minutes)
– 60 (sixty minutes)
– 120 (two hours)
– 240 (four hours)
– 480 (eight hours)
– 1440(twenty four hours)
This parameter controls the minimum amount of time the app should be in background before asking for the passcode again.
– false
 This parameter forces user to use the phone authentication methods, like biometrics or touch id.
– 4
– 6
– 8
 This parameter forces a minimum length on the app’s passcode.
– pin
– passcode
 This parameter forces a type for the passcode.
License key
This parameter is used to set a valid license key on a deployed ez2id instance via mam.
If the license is valid the user will automatically have premium features in-app. 
– true
 If set to true all the below parameters will be enabled.
– true
– false
 If true this parameter forces the passcode to have at least one number, one uppercase letter and a symbol. If false it will allow any passcode.
 If set this parameter will force the user to change the passcode after the amount of days set has passed.